Enhancing the Biodiversity Values of Nature Refuges in Northern Gulf and Cape York Regions

10 Jan 2011

Land managers with Nature Refuges on their properties in the Northern Gulf and Cape York Regions are invited to be involved in a project titled ‘Building resilient landscapes – maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values in Northern Gulf and Cape York’.

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) have secured funding and will work in partnership with Cape York Natural Resource Management (Cape York NRM) to carry out an assessment of the biodiversity values of these Nature Refuges and identify threats to those values.

Biodiversity Project Manager, Dr Carly Starr, from NGRMG said “Threats such as weeds and feral animals, fire, grazing pressure, erosion and/or unauthorised access will be identified and funds allocated (on a 1:1 in kind/cash contribution basis) to assist landowners manage threats to nature refuges beyond their duty of care. The assessment process will use a regional landscape approach, directing assistance to those areas identified as priority.”

The project provides a great opportunity to enhance Nature Refuges in our region, and increase our knowledge of their biodiversity values.