Gulf Youth in Ag

29 Oct 2014

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group has initiated a new project to support youth from the region considering careers in Sustainable Agriculture.  NGRMG is aiming to engage youth (15-18yrs) interested in agriculture and natural resource management with a tool kit of resources showcasing pathways to careers in this field.

The project has launched with a ‘Gulf Youth in Ag’ facebook page with plans for a Youth in Sustainable Ag Camp in 2015.  The Gulf Youth in AG facebook page has regular posts on courses, scholarship opportunities, career days, utube clips, links to camps at Ag Colleges and Universities offering sustainable ag courses and some exciting competitions coming up in 2015. 

The project was developed as part of the National Rural Women’s Coalition leadership program that Education Officer Erica Blumson took part in this year.  “As part of the e-leaders Women Towards Sustainability Program we worked on a project that involved raising awareness in the community about Natural Resource Management.  I took this opportunity to engage Youth in upper high school who are mostly living outside of the region during the term at Boarding school – the ‘Gulf Youth in Ag’ facebook page is a way to keep students connected with career opportunities in Ag that are relevant to where they are from”.

Find the Gulf Youth in Ag facebook page at

For more information on Engaging Youth in Sustainable Agriculture contact Erica Blumson 0488 499 266