30 Nov 2015

At their Annual General meeting on the 24 November in Georgetown, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group launched a Draft NRM (Natural Resource Management) Plan to guide investment and activities towards a more sustainable future for the Northern Gulf region.

The Northern Gulf NRM region comprises of the catchments of the Staaten, Norman, Gilbert and Mitchell rivers. In the east of the region, the headwaters of the Mitchell include the productive agricultural areas of the Mareeba- Dimbulah Irrigation Area and the wet tropical rainforests of the Julatten/ MT Molloy area, which then open up into the dry tropical savanna woodlands of the Einsaleigh Uplands and the Gulf plains bioregions, ultimately flowing into the shallow seas of the South east Gulf of Carpentaria.

Through a process of exhaustive literature and science review, and community and stakeholder engagement, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group have prioritized key actions and targets for improving the region’s resource base to sustainably support production, biodiversity and the community going into the future. This is particularly important now, as current climate projections predict more extreme climatic events will result in more stress on natural systems over the coming years.

The plan can be viewed at plan.northerngulf.com.au and is open for comment until 29 January 2016.

If you have any enquiries please contact planning@northerngulf.com.au or call 0427 677 447.