MEDIA RELEASE 20/01/2017

18 Jan 2017

Skybury Coffee Plantation: Farm Water Management

Farming Futures in FNQ

Delivering healthy, productive & resilient agricultural landscapes.

Skybury Coffee Plantation was established principally as a coffee farm, being the first plantation to export coffee overseas and now is Australia's largest producer of Red Papaya. This family run farm manages water and nutrient delivery through a drip irrigation system that cycles daily. Water and nutrient runoff is captured on farm and recycled through the system which saves on inputs.
At Skybury, there sustainability approach is governed by an Environmental Action Plan which sets out key elements of sustainability approach. One of the reasons that the plan was formalized is that they were doing a lot of the elements before anyway – but very much on an adhoc basis. Their effectiveness was always anecdotal.

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Thanks to Paul Fagg and Mark MacLaughlin of Skybury Coffee Plantation.
Produced by SarahScragg Productions.

This project is funded through the Queensland Government Regional NRM Investment program.