Breeder Management workshop

11 May 2017

Breeder Management workshop

The Northern Gulf Regional Landcare Facilitator organised two Breeder Management Workshops with Dr Ian Braithwaite for the 3rd consecutive year. These workshops are always in high demand throughout the region and this year was no exception. The first workshop was hosted by Bryce and Sarah Foster at Esmerelda Station near Croydon while the second was held by Mark and Linda Neilsen at Bellevue Station west of Chillagoe which is the first one to be held in the Chillagoe district. Overall twenty-six graziers from throughout the northern gulf region attended the workshops and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The course centres on the use of pregnancy testing and foetal ageing in order to segregate herds in to wet and dry categories and then further in to calving groups. This then enables the manager to focus their attentions on the cows that will need the most looking after (the May –September calvers) without having to also feed those that will calve at the optimum time (October to December). All the participants have ample opportunity to practice the act of palpation under the capable guidance of Dr Braithwaite who is one of the region’s leading cattle production veterinarians.

 The primary focus of the course is to improve the attendees knowledge of sustainable grazing practices and to equip them with the tools to make changes in their own operation. The most important tool a grazier can have in their arsenal is grass. Dr Braithwaite ran through various methods that are available to help calculate the amount of grass available on a property and then how to ensure that this is managed so that there is still ample residual ground cover left at the end of the season while still ensuring that the business has sufficient cash flow to continue operating and (hopefully!) sustain a profit.

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group hopes to continue organising these workshops as they offer a wealth of knowledge to the regions graziers and land managers and we encourage everyone interested to do their utmost to get to one.

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20 Mar 2017
Stay tuned for details on a 2nd workshop to be held in April!