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Irrigation Skills Development This 2 day course will be covering Knowledge Management System for Irrigation (KMSI) toolbox, irrigation system auditing and irrigation scheduling. This training has limited places and is restricted to irrigators, farmers, irrigation dealers and extension officers. Please contact Trevor Parker to register. News Mar 2016
Regional Landcare Facilitator

The Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) has strong knowledge and experience of sustainable agriculture and NRM issues relevant to their region and helps land managers, Landcare groups and farming systems groups in a variety of ways. They promote the Landcare ethic and sustainable agriculture to farmers and land managers as well as assisting groups to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities.

Project Oct 2015
Finding profitability in Extensive Grazing with Ian Braithwaite

From the Grazing Forum held in Georgetown last year, it became apparent from feedback that there was a great depth of respect for the veterinarian Dr Ian Braithwaite and a strong demand for his trainings. 

News Apr 2015
Profitable Practices for Northern Grazing Businesses

On the 8th of October, Northern Gulf and the DAFF Beef Team convened a field day at Lanes Creek Station, Georgetown, featuring leading cattle production vet Ian Braithwaite.

News Apr 2015
Pump Test Procedure Check List

Two page field guide including step by step notes on Preparation, Operation, Completion along with a diagram of typical pump arrrangment.

Resource Mar 2015
Irrigation Efficiency Training Irrigation is an expensive business. If you are in the irrigation business, NGRMG is offering a government and industry funded course designed to reduce energy costs and improve water use. News Mar 2015
Planning an irrigation system Planning an irrigation system is fundamental to an irrigated farming enterprises success. This fact sheet lists considerations when planning an irrigation system. Resource Feb 2015
Croydon students show off their country There's no place like home, and these kids want to introduce us to their patch of country. News Feb 2012
Gulf Kids Garden Newsletters A resource for teachers, home tutors, parents, and school, childcare & afterschool care communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Gulf Kids Garden newsletter is full of information that can be used to assist the community with getting our kids involved in gardening and the local environment. Project Jan 2010
Regional Skills Development Regional skills development is being delivered to ensure we have the best skilled people available for the region. Our funding partners are committed to local professional development. Project Jul 2013
Intensive Resource Mapping Keeping our region at the cutting edge with Geospatial technologies, GIS, property mapping, precision agriculture and surveying Project Feb 2008
Feral Pig Control Field Day at Mt Molloy Northern Gulf provides support to JAMMARR and MRWMG to deliver Feral Pig Control Field Day in Mt Molloy News Nov 2014
Resourcing Women of the North Celebrating the strengths of Rural Women whilst gaining knowledge and resources to pursue opportunities in sustainable agriculture. News Sep 2014
International Rural Women's Conference These global gatherings of women have become a platform for international networking and offer opportunities to build bridges and develop strategies for change from the grass roots through to government policy. News Jan 2015
Improving Adoption and Innovation of Agricultural Best Practice in Far North Queensland Addressing the NRM and productivity issues of soil fertility decline, soil organic carbon loss, water quality detriment and erosion in Central and Northern QLD. Project Jul 2012