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Regional Landcare Facilitator

The Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) has strong knowledge and experience of sustainable agriculture and NRM issues relevant to their region and helps land managers, Landcare groups and farming systems groups in a variety of ways. They promote the Landcare ethic and sustainable agriculture to farmers and land managers as well as assisting groups to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities.

Project Oct 2015
$avannaPlan-Beef$ense The $avannaPlan-Beef$ense program is helping beef producers in the Queensland Gulf better manage the current environmental, climatic, profitability and debt challenges. Project Jul 2013
Intensive Resource Mapping Keeping our region at the cutting edge with Geospatial technologies, GIS, property mapping, precision agriculture and surveying Project Feb 2008
Improving Adoption and Innovation of Agricultural Best Practice in Far North Queensland Addressing the NRM and productivity issues of soil fertility decline, soil organic carbon loss, water quality detriment and erosion in Central and Northern QLD. Project Jul 2012