Ferals commonly refers to feral animals such as cats, cane toads, and Indian Mynas. Lots more definition can go here: there are existing vocabulaires for many of these things.

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Regional Landcare Facilitator

The Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) has strong knowledge and experience of sustainable agriculture and NRM issues relevant to their region and helps land managers, Landcare groups and farming systems groups in a variety of ways. They promote the Landcare ethic and sustainable agriculture to farmers and land managers as well as assisting groups to seek funding, membership and resources for NRM activities.

Project Oct 2015
ANZ North-West Gulf Graziers Forum

It’s on again! The ANZ North-West Gulf Graziers’ Forum will be held in Georgetown on the 10th and 11th of October and is jointly hosted by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, Southern Gulf Catchments and the Gulf Cattleman’s Association. There will be trade stalls to browse as well as a large variety of informative speakers over the two days.

News Sep 2015
Aerial Culling of Feral Pigs on the Gilbert River Northern Gulf coordinated a pig shoot on the Gilbert River to cull in excess of 3,000 ferals over 2 weeks News Dec 2014
Feral Pig Control Field Day at Mt Molloy Northern Gulf provides support to JAMMARR and MRWMG to deliver Feral Pig Control Field Day in Mt Molloy News Nov 2014
Building resilient landscapes - maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values in Northern Gulf & Cape York Nature Refuges Maintaining and enhancing the biodiversity values prioritised across 44 covenanted nature refuges in Northern Gulf/Cape York including areas adjacent to national parks, Wet Tropics World Heritage and nationally important wetlands. Project Jun 2012
Enhancing the Biodiversity Values of Nature Refuges in Northern Gulf and Cape York Regions Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) have secured funds to build capacity, develop projects and provide funding to Nature Refuge landholders to enhance and/or maintain the biodiversity values of Nature Refuges in Northern Gulf and Cape York. News Jan 2011