The process of observing some aspect of the landscape so that we can make better decisions going forward.

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Water Quality Monitoring Sites for the Mareeba-Dimbulah Irrigation Area Explore an interactive map of the monitoring station locations and learn more about how we measure water quality. Resource Feb 2015
Wildlife Management The wildlife management project aims to improve the knowledge of flora and fauna in the region by informing and educating land managers, local communities and stakeholders to understand and recognise their wildlife and natural assets. The project has funded on-ground works to help protect species such as finches which have undergone declines in recent years. Biodiversity monitoring sites have been established to evaluate the results of the works, as well as to help paint a picture of the region’s ecosystem. Project Jul 2013
Building resilient landscapes - maintaining and enhancing biodiversity values in Northern Gulf & Cape York Nature Refuges Maintaining and enhancing the biodiversity values prioritised across 44 covenanted nature refuges in Northern Gulf/Cape York including areas adjacent to national parks, Wet Tropics World Heritage and nationally important wetlands. Project Jun 2012
Developing the Northern Gulf & Cape York Peninsula Land EcoAccounts – Initial Findings (2011-2012) This first edition of the Northern Gulf and Cape York Regional EcoAccounts provides a framework from which we can build on. Future editions may include more Indicators, or Indicators that have been compiled with greater accuracy and confidence. The framework which relates Current to Reference Conditions permits some flexibility by bringing each Indicator to a standard base unit, the Reference Metric, or % of Reference Condition. Resource Apr 2013
Efficient Farming Project Our project of direct engagement with primary producers in various horticultural enterprises throughout the region. Project Jul 2013