The beef cattle grazing industry is the major user and manager of land in the tropical savannas. It contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to regional economies across northern Australia and provides employment for thousands, both directly and indirectly via service industries. Cattle grazing properties have existed in the tropical savannas for more than a century and as such played a significant part in the region's history and development.

In the Northern Gulf, grazing operations begin in the east at the head of the Mitchell and then extend out through Croydon to the broad channel south and west, including the Gilbert. Northern Gulf Resource Management Group plays a central role in facilitating projects to benefit graziers across this vast stretch of country.

The $avannaPlan-Beef$ense program is helping beef producers in the Queensland Gulf better manage the current environmental, climatic, profitability and debt challenges.
Status: Active
ErosionProviding extensive grazing land managers with improved knowledge, planning, implementation, monitoring tools and skills that develop best practice grazing land management
Status: Active
20 Mar 2017
Stay tuned for details on a 2nd workshop to be held in April!
30 Jul 2015
$avannaPlan-Beef$ense customers, interested in investment options, were able to participate in the Noel Whittaker “Golden Rules of Wealth” Forums in May 2015.   Geraldine Whittaker, Greg Ryan (Greenhills) and Noel Whittaker at the Georgetown Forum.  Over 90 producers, small business and community representatives attended the forums across the Gulf.
Thirty five families are closely examining their stocking rates, herd productivity operational costs and profitability through the $avannaPlan-Beef$ense program.
21 Apr 2015

From the Grazing Forum held in Georgetown last year, it became apparent from feedback that there was a great depth of respect for the veterinarian Dr Ian Braithwaite and a strong demand for his trainings. 

20 Apr 2015
Profitable Practices for Northern Grazing Businesses

On the 8th of October, Northern Gulf and the DAFF Beef Team convened a field day at Lanes Creek Station, Georgetown, featuring leading cattle production vet Ian Braithwaite.

21 Jan 2015
The Neem tree is rising threat in the Gilbert Catchment. It started on a small plantation on the Gilbert and is rapidly taking over the surrounding riparian areas.
16 Dec 2014
Feral Pig Shoot, Refueling
Northern Gulf coordinated a pig shoot on the Gilbert River to cull in excess of 3,000 ferals over 2 weeks
25 Nov 2014
Demonstration Pig Trap
Northern Gulf provides support to JAMMARR and MRWMG to deliver Feral Pig Control Field Day in Mt Molloy
2009 Savannah FloodsAssisting in the recovery of 1,000,000ha of country through the delivery of funding for on-ground work (reseeding, fencing, pest and weed control, etc), workshops to improve knowledge and skills in practice management
Status: Completed