Mapping for intensive agriculture

Taylor made for each property, our high-end resource mapping delivers important production intelligence to growers on intensive farming properties in the Mareeba-Dimbulah Water Supply Area (MDWSA). We aim to enhance and support farm sustainability.


We can produce a full range of spatial intelligence products, including:

Farm infrastructure maps. Using on-ground GPS survey and aerial photography, farm layout maps are created using GIS.

Topographic maps. Using a RTK GPS system, detailed topographic surveys can be conducted to produce detailed topographic maps and topological mapping products.

Land variability maps. Using a dual dipole EM38 and a RTK GPS system, an EC (electrical conductivity) base map is created. Combining the EC map with a detailed soil survey, we can then provide the farmer with various management products such as soil type, pH, sodicity and variable rate maps.

Land management practices. Detailed observations on management practices are captured during mapping surveys and stored in a geodatabase.

Soil maps. We create a property-specific map, based on the current best-available 25K and/or 8K soil mapping.

This work is delivered as part of the Efficient Farming Program.

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