Our Vision

The Northern Gulf Resource Management Group region will have culturally diverse communities that are socially cohesive, with a range of economically viable industries that incorporate the principals of ecologically sustainable development.

Our Mission

The Northern Gulf Resource Manage Group facilitates community owned outcomes, which balance economic activity, social and cultural interests and environmental values, within the context of maintaining and managing healthy ecosystem functions.

Company Ethos

The Northern Gulf Resource Manage Group is a “bottom up” organisation, in that our ideas and projects emanate from ordinary residents and community members of our region and are carried out by the company.

We are a leader, in that we strive forward and blaze trails, we make decisions and get runs on the board in a manner that champions the company’s integrity, respect and trust.

We are servant, in that we act on the direction given to us by our community in order for our community, our bush, our seas and our industries to remain healthy and viable for future generations.

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